Infinity Dreams Award

infinity-dreams-awardJust like the lovely Alyssa over @ The Ultimate Book Geek (check out her blog because she is amazing), I am terrible at keeping up with my tags. I actually should apologize to the people who tagged me for the winter/Christmas tags that I never got around to (and then decided not to do because I felt it was too late.)

Anyway, I was tagged for this a little less than a month ago and  I feel I should get on it because I actually love doing these posts.

The Rules:

  • Thank and Link the blog that nominated you
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them

My 11 Facts:

  1. I have less than 6 months left of nursing school.
  2. I am addicted to RPGs on mobile devices.
  3. I recently discovered I actually like the PSP my ex bought me 4 years ago (and have been playing it a lot.)
  4. My only sibling is moving to Colorado in a week and I don’t know what to do because she’s my best friend.
  5. My fiance got me addicted to Destiny for a short time.
  6. I have two engagement rings because I am was so rough on my first one that I am scared to wear it.
  7. I now somehow have acquired 5 pet snakes. They are all cinnamon rolls and I love them.
  8. I have no idea what I am doing for my wedding since I never though about it.
  9. I can’t read my own handwriting so I like to type everything.
  10. I am obsessed with gum. I have an entire box filled with all different varieties of gum that I haven’t even opened.

Alyssa’s Questions:

  • Favorite book of 2015?  

Genuinely impossible to answer. I have read so many great books that I couldn’t even begin to say. Of course there is Camilla Monk’s Spotless series as well as Tracy M Joyce’s Altaica series. But then I also read Anderson’s Brides of the Kindred Series and loved that.

  • Least favorite book of 2015?

Have you seen my Blacklist? A handful of them were from this year. I generally try not to dwell on books I don’t particularly like. Unfortunately, I run across a lot of them because I am always down for free books.

  • What is your favorite season and why?

This one’s also a bit hard to answer. I live in the Midwest so our weather is chaotic at best. No season actually is what you think it would. For example, we had 70 degree weather in December. Ignoring all of that, I would probably say fall?

  • What is your favorite genre of books? Of movies?

Paranormal erotic for books, action or fantasy for movies.

  • Paperbacks, hardbacks, or e-books?

Not a long time ago I would have said paperbacks without hesitation. I have never liked hardbacks, but recently I am getting more into e-books. 1) Because I can get tons of free books that way whether they are ARCs or on sale. 2) They save on space which I seem to be massively short on. I still love having paperbacks, but I understand the practicality of e-books.

  • When did you first start blogging and why?

I can’t remember the first time since I have been trying to start blogging for years. I started this url about 3 years ago but didn’t actually do anything with it until last year.

  • Dream vacation?

I would love to see Iguazu Falls in person but I don’t think I am healthy enough for that. Also I am lazy. Honestly, I would love to go back to Michigan, only this time I would like it to be just my fiance and I.

  • If you could meet any author, living or dead, who would you meet?

Tolkien, without a doubt. As someone who is in love with high fantasy novels, there are so many conversations I wish I could have with him.

  • Do you still have any habits that you started as a child?

I used to be a notorious packrat. I loved to hoard things and since I have a day bed, I could hoard them under my bed. I am also a perfectionist, however, I everything has to be organized. Now that I am older, I tend to hoard other things (instead of junk) such as yarn, gum, and books,

  • Movie of 2016 you’re most excited for? Book of 2016?

I genuinely have no idea what movies are coming out in 2016. I am sure there are a lot of comic book movies, in which case YAY. I don’t pay much attention though. Same for books. I am hoping  Shaye Marlow comes out with another book in her Alaskan Romance series. Also Camilla Monk’s Beating Ruby comes out as well as Crystal Whispers maybe? Which is the third in her Spotless Series.

  • Why aren’t you reading right now?

Because I am at work and I need to get stuff done for my blog.

My Nominations:


My Questions for You:

  1. Do you remember the book that really got you into reading?
  2. Are you also a writer or do you enjoy reading just someone else’s stories?
  3. Why did you start your blog?
  4. Do you listen to audio books?
  5.  What is  the one genre you will never touch?
  6.  How do you feel about the book blogging community?
  7.  Do you remember Goodreads book swap program?
  8. What other hobbies do you have besides reading and blogging?
  9. What would your dream job be?
  10. Do you have an special talents?

6 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination/tag! I believe I’ve done this one before so I’m not going to do a post, but I always enjoy answering the questions, so I thought I’d answer them here!

    1. Do you remember the book that really got you into reading?
    I read a TON as a kid, but then mostly stopped until after I graduated college and was in my 20s and it was actually the Twilight series that got me back into reading. My feelings have changed for it since then, but I do have to credit it for getting me back into books.

    2.Are you also a writer or do you enjoy reading just someone else’s stories?
    I like to think I’m a writer, but I haven’t done it with consistency in awhile and I crashed and burned at last year’s NaNoWriMo

    3.Why did you start your blog?
    I love reading and no one else in my life really care about books like I do. Also – I wanted ARCs!

    4.Do you listen to audio books?
    I have only listened to one audio book and I enjoyed it, but I don’t travel enough in my day-to-day life to make them really worth it.

    5. What is the one genre you will never touch?
    Never say never

    6. How do you feel about the book blogging community?
    I enjoy it. I’m not super into social media and stuff so I tend to never hear about the drama that I see other people reference.

    7. Do you remember Goodreads book swap program?
    Never heard of it.

    8.What other hobbies do you have besides reading and blogging?

    9.What would your dream job be?
    Something that would just let me read ALL.THE.TIME

    10.Do you have an special talents?
    Not really.

    Thanks again for the tag!

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination!! ❤ I was really into paperbacks before but now that I'm turning into a nocturnal reader, I found ebooks very convenient especially at night. I'm so busy to read during the day but having a kindle with me all the time is luxury in itself. Regardless, I still love paperbacks! Hardbound books, on the contrary, are quite expensive here in our country.

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