The Versatile Blogger Award

Wow! I’ve been nominated by Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much!


I didn’t expect to nominated for such an award, so I am sincerely grateful! I would to thank all the bloggers and readers who visit my blog and like/comment on my posts

Here are the rules:

Show the award on your blog
Thank the person that has nominated you.
Share 7 different facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 blogs of your choice
Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.


I have a couple posts like these, but I believe they are more video game oriented. For this, I think I will do facts that don’t have to do with either video games or books (it does say versatile…)

  1. I am very artsy/crafsty. Name something, and I have either tried it or do it.
  2. My therapy is crochet. When I am stressed/upset/depressed, I cannot focus on anything (including feeding myself), but for some reason, crochet is very therapeutic.
  3. I put so much milk in my mac n cheese that it could be soup.
  4. My lock screen on my phone is Sailor Moon.
  5. I am ridiculoulsy tight with my money.
  6. I currently own 4 snakes, 3 rats, 3 cats, and 2 dogs.
  7. I probably spend more time on Tumblr than my schoolwork.

These are my tags! If you have already done it, please ignore this. 🙂

Ayunda @ Tea & Paperbacks

Bea @ When Curiousity Killed the Cat

Carrie @ reading is my superpower

Charley @ Books & Bakes

Deanna @ a novel glimpse

Dimple @ enthrallingdimple

Emma @ Blu Chicken Ninja

Hayley @ Rather Too Fond of Books

Jordyn @ J. Bookish

Kelly @ Here’s to Happy Endings

Michelle @ Mishi Reads

Paige @ Page by Paige

Stephanie @ Stephanie’s Book Reviews

Sue @ Sue’s Reading Corner

Syc @ The Lit(erature) Mermaid

12 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

    1. Half of the pets actually aren’t even mine so I don’t have much control over them. I would have been content with just a dog and 2 snakes. Unfortunately, the other dog and 2 snakes are rescues as are the cats.

      I can’t wait to read your answers. 🙂

    1. I love crochet. It’s one of the best therapies plus I love making things. Honestly, it’s easier than knitting (if you have to choose…)

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