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Book Review: Wolf’s Red by Ashlyn Mathews

25585181Title: Wolf’s Red
Author: Ashlyn Mathews
Genre:  Romance? (read review)
Release Date: May 19th, 2015
Format: Ebook
Source: ARC from Reading Deals
Pages: 192
Rating: 2 Stars

Red Little has a bone to pick with the big, bad wolf for stealing her mechanical heart. When she storms to his cabin and demands he returns it, she soon realizes he’s after more than just her heart.

Axel Wolfe wants answers only Red can provide. She was there when half of his pack perished at sea. The one that can shed light on why his surviving men recall nothing, yet Axel remembers every detail of that nightmarish day. He suspects the truth has to do with the sea nymph’s miraculous ability to walk on land.

When Axel shows her a different side of him that she likes too much, Red begins to question whether her freedom came at too high of a price for the wolf—banishment from his pack. As the passion between them heats up, Red must make a decision. Return to the ocean, or remain on land and get the answer to the question that’s crossed her mind since Axel stole her heart.

Can an ill-tempered and sexy Alpha wolf fall hard for a fish out of water?

I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review.

I was excited for this novel because I love adult retellings of fairytales. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I wanted. The description makes it sound steampunk with some fantasy, but it was difficult to place anything because there wasn’t much description. All I got out of it was there was a forest. There is really no description of the settings beyond that.

The beginning was the worst part. The writing was mess. Everything seemed all over the place and the writing wasn’t consistent at all. The author would write something, realize we don’t have the background to understand what she was talking about, and then described past events to bring us up to speed. However, she wouldn’t write the whole scenario, she would just give us bits and pieces. The author did this multiple times so the writing came off as choppy and confusing. Once the reading makes it past that, the writing becomes more clear since we now have the whole picture (we just have to piece it together ourselves.)  I felt that I was missing a lot, that there should be an prequel that explains everything. Instead, we just have to read and hope we are giving the information to understand the plot.

The story does get better if you can make it past the beginning. It had a lot of potential to be great and is an interesting idea. I just wish the writing had been better. Plus I had a hard time getting past the fact that he essentially sexually abuses her in the beginning.

❧ Arec

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