Book Survey Challenge: Day 9 Important Moments of Your Reading Life


This is my challenge for October. Since it is only has 26 days, I chose to start it early. The original survey can be found at The Inky Corner. I modified it to fit my blog better. Feel free to join in!

Day 9: Important Moments of Your Reading Life

There is a lot of things I could put here such as the day I was able to read on my own, or the day I finally downloaded the kindle app and actually used it. But those seem too easy. And honestly, there is one instance that sticks on more than anything.

A couple years ago, I was able to meet one of my heroes, Tamora Pierce. She was everything I wanted her to be and more. Not only was she hilarious, but her wit was sharp as whip and she is a very educated woman, especially in concerns with culture and diversity.  I was able to take a picture with her and get a book signed.

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