Book Survey Challenge: Day 5 E-reader or physical books


This is my challenge for October. Since it is only has 26 days, I chose to start it early. The original survey can be found at The Inky Corner. I modified it to fit my blog better. Feel free to join in!

Day 5: E-reader or physical books

Lately, I have really been making use of my kindle app. It’s just easier, especially when I can pull out my phone in public and people don’t know I am reading. Makes me seem less rude depending on the setting. Also, thats how most publishers, authors, etc. send out their ARCs.

However, there is just no replacement for the way a book feels in my hands. I love just flipping through pages and reading random pages, or looking up a certain passage because I only wanted to read that. Not to mention, a physical books doesn’t lose battery.

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