Book Tour & Excerpt: Sky Chariot Saga

Welcome to my tour stop for Sky Chariots Saga by Emily Mah!  This is a YA/NA high fantasy series.  This is a series tour with three books. The tour runs September 21 to October 2 with reviews, author interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for more information.

About Restless Earth:


For over a thousand years, the Tanoa have relied on their Earth Shamen to bring rich harvests, temper stone tools and weapons, and imbue pottery with strength like metal. Now, though, the bloodline has dwindled to one Shaman, Tuwa, who is trapped high in the mountains, holding bedrock together to prevent a volcanic eruption while the rest of her people flee to safety. The only way to save the village is for her to sacrifice herself and buy them the time they need to evacuate.
But her grandson, Ahote, refuses to abandon her to die. Rather than do as she asks—marry and bear daughters who might inherit her gift—he sets out to find the one person who might be able to save Tuwa’s life.
Kasha is a Tanoa girl in who lives in Solace, a city of the pale-skinned Andalanos. If the Engineers Guild ever discovers her gender or race, they could order her execution—for in violation of the King’s law, Master Engineer Seamus trained Kasha as his apprentice. She is a genius in all things mechanical and earned her master certification when only fourteen years old. Since Seamus’s death, she has been discreetly working his job as the City Engineer.
She knows there is no machine or technology that can save Tuwa. In order to complete this task, Kasha must invent a vehicle unlike anything the world has ever seen, and risk exposure and death in the process.

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About Blessing Sky:

BlessingSkyMaster Engineer Kasha lives in hiding. As a Tanoa and a woman, she has no legal right to her title, and risks expulsion or even execution if the Guild discovers her identity. For over a year she has served as the City Engineer of the Andalano city of Solace, home to the Winged Riders and their pegasus mounts.

Now, though, her people need her. The last of their Earth Shamen is trapped in the mountains, holding back a volcanic eruption so that the rest of her people can escape. It is a job for only the greatest of all engineers, and that happens to be Kasha.
But when her kinsman, Ahote, breaks the most sacred law of the Winged Riders, an alliance with him means certain death. Kasha must work alone to solve the most difficult engineering problem of all time before the summer months are done and winter comes to claim the life of the Shaman and the hope of her people.
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About Cleansing Fire:

CleansingFireKasha has lived her life in hiding, working the job of the City Engineer of Wingmount, in a society that lets neither women, nor any member of the Tanoa race work trades. Finally, she has been offered the chance to work for her own people, who must evacuate their beloved Earth Shaman from the slopes of an active volcano. No other engineer in history could build the craft that Kasha has designed for this task: the sky chariot.

However, in order to fly it, she and her cousin, Ahote, will breach the most sacred rules of the Andalanos, the pale skinned race of people who govern their nation. Once, Kasha thought she would not mind betraying them. They had only given her grief.

But as she has grown in her talent for engineering, many Andalanos have supported her at great risk to themselves. Even high ranking government officials seek her counsel and beg for her aid in a costly war they fight on the coast, in a part of the kingdom Kasha has never seen and never thought she’d care about.

There is no way to help one people without betraying the other, and in this society, betrayal often means death. Kasha must decide where her loyalties lie, and whether she is up to the task of saving the last shaman of her people.


2-bright-purple-lg-1About the Author:2-bright-purple-lg-1

Emily writes as both Emily Mah (for science fiction and fantasy) and E.M. Tippetts (for chick lit). Her short stories have appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, The Black Gate, and anthologies like The Dragon and the Stars, Shanghai Steam, and The Change: Tales of Downfall and Rebirth.  Her E.M. Tippetts novels have been on the Amazon Top 100 numerous times, and her novel, Someone Else’s Fairytale was semi-finalist for the Best Indie Book of the Year –  Kindle Book Review, and a runner up in Romance for the Best of the Independent Book Awards – eFestival of Words.
She is a graduate of the Clarion West Writer’s Workshop for Science Fiction and Fantasy and Viable Paradise Writers Workshop, and she often teaches the unit on self-publishing at the Taos Toolbox Writers Workshop.When she is not writing or chasing small children, she manages E.M. Tippetts Book Designs, her company which offers formatting, cover design, and editing services to authors and publishers.


He awoke when Kasha cried out. The ground beneath him rolled as if it were the surface of a lake with wind-blown waves passing through it.

“We have to go,” she said. “We can’t stay. It’s going to erupt.”

Another great rumble caused part of the cliffs to collapse before them, great boulders splitting off and falling with a crash into the molten valley below.

Kasha was right. They had to leave. Quickly, he roused Sky—who seemed eager to depart—and checked over his harness.
Meanwhile, Kasha got into the chariot, and the flaps that jutted out from its wings and tail began to move, no doubt from her testing the controls.

Ahote tacked Sky up as quickly as he could without being sloppy. More rumbles hinted that the mountain above them was about to crack open. He clipped the harness to the nose of the craft and then climbed in.

“There’s no time to put the wheels back on. Have him take us that way”—Kasha indicated a path parallel to the cliffs’ edge—“so that we can get a running start.”

“There’s no time.”

“We can’t just leap off the cliffs.”

“You launched that way in Wingmount.”

“With a ramp. We didn’t just push it over the edge.”

Another rumble announced another rockslide, this one on the slopes above them.

“There’s no time!” he repeated.


He raised both hands and Sky leapt forward, throwing his weight against the collar. The chariot barely moved.

“You see?” said Kasha. “Without the wheels it won’t pick up speed fast enough. It is too heavy.”

“We don’t have time to drag it the long way.”

“We’ll crash!”

“There is hot air rising from the magma. It will lift us, will it not?” The mountain lurched again.

Sky braced himself and the chariot began to slide, its smooth skids finding no purchase on the bare rock beneath them. The pegasus broke into a run, his wings outstretched, and Kasha bit back a scream as he leapt over the edge of the cliffs.

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