30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 20 Favorite Sequel


I enjoy doing challenges. I will try to do one each month. This month’s is the 30 Day Disney Challenge I saw over at sue’s reading corner.

Day 20: Favorite Sequel = 

Simba-s-Pride-lion-king-couples-22761346-853-480I wasn’t sure how to answer this one. I consider Marvel a different entity from Disney so I don’t count any of those films. I also considered the Tinkerbell movies a series, not sequels, so I didn’t want to use any of those either. It came down to Simba’s Pride and An Extremely Goofy Movie of which I just couldn’t choose between. They are the only sequels that enjoyed as much if not more than the originals. They are also, to me, strong enough to stand on their own. I would have liked either even if the first movie didn’t exist.tumblr_lmctvjFaAM1ql4wx4o1_500

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