30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 17 Least Favorite Classic


I enjoy doing challenges. I will try to do one each month. This month’s is the 30 Day Disney Challenge I saw over at sue’s reading corner.

Day 17: Least Favorite Classic = Alice in Wonderland

This was started difficult just because there are a handful of classics I loath with everything I am.  I think Snow White and Cinderella aren’t that great but they are nothing compared to the garbage that is Dumbo and Pinocchio.

image_a80c747aThe one that stands out most to me, however, is Alice in Wonderland. I genuinely do not think I could hate a movie more than this one for multilpe reasons. It wasn’t that great of a movie to begin with, but then the masses become obsessed with the merchandise. What irritates me the most is the drug references. I know Alice in Wonderland is awesome to watch while high but it has nothing to do with drugs. In fact, it actually has to do with the author’s distrust and hatred of mathematics. Overall, Alice in Wonderland would just be a mediocre at best movie to me if the fanbase hadn’t ruined it for me.  For fear of sounding repetitive, I don’t think I could force myself hate another movie more.

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