Daily Archives: September 6, 2015

My first shiny Pokémon

My fiancé bought me Alpha Sapphire for our anniversary and I recently started playing it. Sapphire and Ruby are far from my favorite Pokémon games but I am enjoying the upgrade. But I am mainly excited about my first shiny Pokémon! I know it’s nothing exciting but I am happy. Even if it is only […]
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Tagged: The Summer Video Game tag

Yesterday, I blogged my post for The Summer Reading Book Tage. Once I finished, I realized that I really wanted to do the same post only with video games instead of books. My fiancé and I actually worked on this post together and had a lot of fun! LEMONADE: Pick a game that started off […]
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30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 6 Favorite Animal

I enjoy doing challenges. I will try to do one each month. This month’s is the 30 Day Disney Challenge I saw over at sue’s reading corner. Day 6: Favorite Animal(s) = Pascal & Maximus Oh boy, this was a difficult one just because the animals are usually what make a Disney movie for me. I […]
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