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Sol’s Showroom: Skull Kid Cosplay

I haven’t done a Sol’s Showroom in awhile and I am angry at myself for it. So today, right on schedule, I have a cosplay to showcase! Skull Kid by MahoCosplay both with and without Majora’s Mask. And also Tatl

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I was tagged by Deanna over at a novel glimpse. I wasn’t expecting it, but I enjoy doing posts likes these. LEMONADE: Pick a book that started off bitter, but got better. I am reaching deep into my archives for this one with Blood & Chocolate. I barely made it through the beginning, but the end […]
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30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 5 Favorite Hero

I enjoy doing challenges. I will try to do one each month. This month’s is the 30 Day Disney Challenge I saw over at sue’s reading corner. Day 5: Favorite Hero = Li Shang If you read my my post for day 4, you can guess that my answer for this one will be Shang. I […]
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