For a Rainy Day (9/2)

For a Rainy Day is a feature where I post items that are on my TBR (to be read) or TBP (to be played).

I have a lot on my shelves still both for books and video games. Since my last For a Rainy DayI still haven’t read Katherine MacIntyre‘s An Airship Named Desire  nor Mstislav: Vengeance and Glory by Eric Keys.  I haven’t even had a chance to think about Scarlet Grove’s Education of a Fae. I am entirely to blame though. 

Regardless, I have a long list of books to finsih up and review for Netgalley.

cover71245-medium cover72118-medium cover72116-medium cover69106-medium cover72119-medium cover71563-medium cover72305-medium cover72207-medium cover71738-medium

Like I said. I have a lot to read. I also have a lot of games. I still have the FFX demo to play as well as Type-0 and XIV. The love of my life bought me Alpha Sapphire for our anniversary and I am still addicted to Pokemon Rumble world.

logo_and_hero_of_the_game_Final_Fantasy_xv_045658_1download (1)images (1)pokemon_alpha_sapphire___alpha_kyogre_signature_by_darside34-d7ho9dxlarge

❧ Arec

2 thoughts on “For a Rainy Day (9/2)

    • It’s a mindless time filler game but I love it. It honestly feels like a phone have though. I tried it out because it was free but I ended up addicted

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