Final Fantaxy XV: My First Look

I am a horrible, terrible person and I need to learn self preservation.

Final Fantasy Type-0 came with a code to demo of Final Fantasy XV. Beyond the aesthetically pleasing male cast, I haven’t been that interested in it. Despite XII being my favorite of the series, I felt that the past couple FF have been a let downs (I am looking at you XIII series). Therefore, I really haven’t known much about FFXV nor have I researched.

Oh my, it’s amazing. And I can’t decide which game I want to play more!

Negating the graphics, because Square Enix never half-asses the FF graphics, the game is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. The battle system is so fluid. I was surprised that it wasn’t turn based like the majority of the previous FF franchise, and it honestly makes the game that much better. It has been a long time since I have had as much in a battle as I have in XV. It’s not just hack and slash though. You have to have technique.


But can we please take a moment to talk about the characters? I suppose I am biased because they are so physically attractive, but I can’t help but enjoy them. Prompto is absolutely precious. Gladio is our lovely stoic warrior with cool tattoos. Ignis is our deliciously accented guide. And then there is Noctis, our melancholy hero who probably hates me for dragging him into so many unnecessary battles. At first, they seem to be caricatures of their obvious tropes, but I know there is more to them. Square Enix is better to us than that.

I read that people were complaining that they looked like cosplayers. Really?! Out of all the FF characters, these are the ones that look like cosplayers to you? Oh please…

Moving on, I also appreciate the use of a distance tracker, like how Far Cry has. You can set your destination, and as you are running, it will show how close or far you are to that destination. It helps a lot. But not as much as the super detailed map that you can pull up.

So far, I feel like FFXV has everything that was missing for me from previous FF games. I haven’t delved too deep into it, but it may be one of the few games I actually don’t wait to buy.

❧ Arec

Oh and one last note. The behemoths in this game are the creatures of nightmares…


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