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Review: Stolen Petals by Katherine McIntyre

Stolen Petals
Author: Katherine McIntyre
Genre: Steampunk Romance,
Pages: 65
Release Date: June 25th, 2015
Format: Ebook
Source: Amazon
Rating: 4 Stars

One man has swiped bounties from Viola, the Brass Violet, for years. Longstanding rivals, they’ve only had brief encounters, and if she had a choice, she’d avoid him entirely. When he saunters into her bar with an offer to work together on a job, the proper response would be to shoot him down and send him back to Shantytown. However, curiosity’s a wicked beast, and Viola needs to know why, after so many years of stealing her marks, he’d approach her now.

The man is insufferable, annoyingly cavalier, and tends to stir up memories she’d rather forget–but she needs assistance on this job and he’s offering aid and blueprints which could cut their work in half.

Given the intense way he looks at her though, working together isn’t all he has in mind. Van Clef is known for his persistence and, with his charm, he wins women over effortlessly. Viola’s not so easy though–she’s wise to his tricks. But if he wants to play the game, she will gladly rise to the challenge. By the end of this bounty, she’ll be the one leaving him in the dust.

I downloaded this novella after seeing the author advertise it on her blog. At the time it was free, but it is definitely worth buying, especially since it’s currently only $0.99!

I am a big fan of steampunk romances, but it can go wrong so easily. I was relieved McIntyre knew what she was doing. She was able to easily mix the steampunk elements into the storyline without making it confusing or losing my interest. Some author’s try to make it too complicated or can’t adequately describe what they are trying to convey to the reader. McIntyre didn’t lose me once.

I didn’t realize this novella was as short as it was. Halfway through, I noticed, and my heart broke! I want an entire series of this badass couple. I would read and love every single word. It’s been a long time since I was so wrapped up in a couple, wanting to scream at them to just kiss each other. Their banter had me laughing out loud (in public mind you) and I just overall loved them as people.

I do feel the novel could be refined a little. Viola eludes to her past a lot without revealing any information, and sometimes, it doesn’t add to the story. We learned early on that she has a troubled past that has shaped who she currently is. There is really no need to keep going back to it unless more information is revealed.

Overall, Stolen Petals is a diamond in the rough. If the author decided to make it a series, or write more about them, I can guarantee I would be first in line to buy it.

Are there any good steampunk romances you recommend?

❧ Arec

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