Type-0 Update


So I have had a chance to play a little bit of Final Fantasy Type-0, but I already can form an opinion of some things.

First off, it has one of the most overwhelming opening scenes I have ever watched. Final Fantasy games are known for their heartwrenching,  gut punching drama. Type-0’s opening almost f***ed me up. No joke. I should start by saying it is the first FF game that I remember having blood in. And there is A LOT. Not only that, but right off the bat, it is pretty dark and brutal. I almost couldn’t watch some of the scenes just because of how brutal they were.

I can already tell you that this will not be lik2725683-finalfantasytype-0hd2wallpapere any Final Fantasy game you have played before. Besides the storyline, the battle system is much more dynamic and interactive. It takes some getty used to, but I honestly think it’s one of the best (along with FFXII). The graphics, as always, are superb, not to mention the voiceacting (I am just saying this because I could listen to the moogles talk all day!)

Although I don’t know what FF’s obsession with timeframes and time limits lately. I know they have always had some role in FF puzzels, but lately, I feel like they do too much with them (think Lightning Returns). If I have to deal with timelimits the entire game, I refuse to play it.


Currently, I am not sure I am emotionally stable enough to pay Type-0. It’s just so intense and I am not even an hour in! I am definitely invested, but currently I need something more playful and lighthearted.

Look forward to future updates!

Have you played Type-0 yet? How did it compare to your previous expereinces with Final Fantasy

❧ Arec

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