Silver Lining

The other day, I noticed my 3DS is missing. I have searched for it everywhere, but I am unable to find it. As someone who mainly mobile games, this is heartbreaking. Not to mention how expensive a 3DS is. I still have my old DSLite, but I had games saved onto my 3DS as well as having my Pokémon Heartgold in the slot. All in all, I didn’t lose too much. That doesn’t detract from my frustration and sorrow.

I guess the silver lining is that my fiancé and I finally bought a PS4. We have talked about it since we started dating two years ago and we finally broke down yesterday and bought one. Arkham Knight came with it. I haven’t played Arkham City at all and barely delved into Arkham Asylum, but I am excited for it. We also bought specific games for us. Fiancé bought Bound By Flame because he has been interested in it for awhile, and also Bloodborne, which was a no brainer since he is a huge player of the Demon Souls/Dark Souls franchise. I got Final Fantasy Type-0 because I have not been this excited for an RPG or Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy XII. I haven’t been able to play it yet because I have a test tomorrow, but you best believe I am going to as soon as I have free time.

❧ Arec

16 thoughts on “Silver Lining

  1. I’m sorry to hear you lost your 3DS! I would definitely not be very happy at all. Congrats on getting the PS4 though! I’d be interested to hear how Type-0 is. I’ve contemplated checking it out a few times, but I’ve heard mixed opinions from those who have played it. Ultimately I probably don’t have the time to invest in it anyway.

    • Oh I am crushed that I can’t find it. It has to be in my room somewhere.

      I don’t know much about Type-0 but it looks amazing. I will let you know what I think about. I may not be the best person to ask though because my opinion usually differs from the vast majority of FF fans and gamers (I actually enjoyed FFX-2 and XII)

  2. Let me know what you think of Type-O, I’d be interested in another opinion. I personally loved the idea of the game, but just couldn’t bring myself to complete it.
    Arkham Knight was fantastic, although I’d recommend at least reading up on the events of the first two games, as it is a trilogy and refers to events from those games.
    I love talking all sorts of games and movies, let me know if you have any questions about that new PS4, I love mine.

    • I feel that way about a lot of Final Fantasy games but that is just because they usually end up being so long and tedious that I lose interest. Honestly, FFX-2 is one of my favorites just because it wasn’t a chore to make it to the end!

      I still plan on playing the first 2. I own them. I just haven’t had the time to play them and there are other games I would rather play (I am looking at you Ni no Kuni.) I actually started the first one, but I only made it about half an hour in the game before I had to quit.

      I have always been a Sony/PS girl. I had a PS2 for the longest time and it is probably one of my favorite consoles. I was just recently able to buy a PS3 and then PS4 so I feel I am way behind in the gaming world. I just don’t have the time or the money to buy the newest games and consoles when they come out. I am still getting used to the interface but I already love it. The brainpower is breathtaking and everything is so smooth.

      • FF X-2 was great, I have to admit. Although my favorite FF hands-down was FF9, I’m not sure why…one of the only stories that didn’t seem to drag for me.
        I’m guilty of being more of a Sony/PS fan as well. I owned the PS2, PS3, and PS4 (although admittedly, I also owned the XBOX360 and the Wii/Wii U/3DS). I loved the PS2, so many quality RPGs. I’m on a mix of my PC and PS4 now, and that works for me. Feel free to chat with me on any game you want to buy. I know how it is to have limited funds, and it always sucks buying a game that’s no fun and having to wait to buy another.
        I almost forgot about Ni no Kuni. It’s so hard to find, but I loved it. Such a good game.

      • FFX-2 is one of my favorite games mainly for its playability. I couldn’t care less about the storyline, although it was interesting enough the first play through. I just love all the side quests and completing the dresspheres. To me, it was just so much fun without a lot of commitment. I own FFIX but haven’t had a chance to play. After being burned by XII and XII, I was a little hesitant. I think FFXII was my favorite because I loved everything about it. The characters, the story, the world, the gameplay. Everything was just phenomenal and so enjoyable.
        I am mainly an RPG player, so the PS2 was pretty much THE console for me. Most of my favorite games can be played on PS2. I bought an Xbox 360 just because a friend was selling one cheap and I didn’t have a current gen. I hate playing games on the PC. I don’t like using the keypad to play and there are few games I actually enjoy. Those I do, I can play on consoles. Xbox is okay but it just doesn’t impress me the way PS seems to.
        One of the main reasons we bought the PS4 is because we stood and counted the number of games we wanted to play for it in Walmart alone and came up with 15. I actually am making a list of games that we are interested in because there are so many. I don’t have access to the list now though but I will definitely ask you about some of them.
        I was interested in Ni No Kuni because of the artwork (I love Studio Ghibli). I played the demo for it and fell in love. It was actually on sale on the PSN a couple months back and I bought it so quick I think my card caught on fire. I originally saw it at Walmart but I don’t go there often so I can’t say when that was.

      • Ah, alright. Yeah, Ni No Kuni is a lot easier to find digitally. If you find a physical copy of it, hang on to it. Almost impossible to find, and I lost my copy!
        Seems like it may be time for me to brush off my copy of X-2 and try it again, you’re just talking it up haha. You know, I think the Dark Cloud games on the PS2 were my absolute favorites.
        I used to hate PC gaming as well, until I figured out that you can use a wired XBOX controller for most games instead of using the keyboard. I play it a lot more often now.
        Now I gotta go see if I can find a copy of Ni No Kuni haha.

      • Oh that is so depressing! I try to be super careful with my games but I have moved 3 times in the past 2 years so it’s hard. I hope you find it though!

        I often want to play my PS2 but it’s such a hassle to get out and hook up that I end up convincing myself to play my PS3 (PS4 now too) or my DS. My favorite series was probably Ratchet & Clank or Devil May Cry. I can’t just pick one game though. Maybe Chrono Cross? But that’s original Playstation.

        My fiance actually bought me a controller to be able to play games on the computer, which is infinitely better. I still don’t like enough games on the PC though. I hate MMOs and Mobas because the players ruin the games for me.

        Maybe you can find one on Amazon or ebay? That’s where I get a lot of my hard to find games!

      • Yup! That’s probably where I’ll go. Although physical copies of the game are through the roof in price right now, since it was a limited run. Ratchet and Clank was one of my favorites as well, I’m super excited that they’re bringing out a movie, and re-releasing the first game in HD on the PS4! Chrono Cross was awesome, so was Chrono Trigger..but that’s going way back.

      • I never really understood why they do that but I wish you luck in finding a copy! I understand the want/need of having a physical copy of something over just digital.
        Ratchet & Clank will always be one of my favorite series. It’s such a fun, mindless series with so much to do. Plus it’s a great game for me to unwind too since I can set it down at anytime and doesn’t take much brainpower to play. I can’t wait for the movie! I really hope they stay true to the games. It would be depressing if they ruined it especially since we have been waiting so long! The first game wasn’t my favorite so I am not sure if I will buy the HD rerelease. I just bought the collection for my PS3 where it has the first 3. I don’t think I can justify spending the extra money especially since there are so many other games I want.

        Yeah, I tend to favor older games. I can’t really say why.

        Btw what do you think about Playstation Now? That is the feature where you pay monthly and stream as many games as they have in their database right? I think that’s what it’s called…

      • You gave me a good idea for a review, Playstation Now! Yup, that’s the name of it.
        I have given it a try, and the idea is awesome. However, I’ve found that they never have the most popular games to stream, it’s always more obscure titles with the occasional more mainstream game. I also found that during peak hours, since the game is streaming, there’s a decent amount of lag/rubberbanding. I’m thinking of giving it another shot, though, they could have improved it since the last time I used it.

      • I am glad I was able to help? XD
        I couldn’t remember the name since PSN has so many different features on it.

        I agree, the idea does soud awesome but I am wondering if it is worththe price. My fiance and I don’t mind the more obscure games. We actually tend to lean more towards them than the big name popular games. We like to try our hand at everything pretty much. I can imagine the lack might be bad but I would hope they would be working to alleviate that. If you try it again, let me know! I would love to read your review of it.

      • I would say if you like the more obscure games, it’s at least worth it to buy a one month subscription and check it out. There’s usually at least 60 or so games to choose from, so the $20 or so you’re paying is worth it if you play even a few of them.

      • We already looked through a lot of the games and are interested in many of them. My hangup is that I am in nursing school so I don’t have a lot of free time to actually play video games (that’s why I mobile game pretty hard). I am hesitant to spend so much money if I am not going to take advantage of it. I think my fiance would play it a lot but I currently feel it’s just one more thing we don’t really need to spend money on. I may take your suggestion of just trying it for a month and see how we like it.

      • Right, sometimes I forget that people don’t necessarily have as much time to game as I do (and I don’t even have that much time working full time and whatnot). I mean, if you think you’ll use it INSTEAD of buying new games, it might be cheaper for you. However, if you’re buying new games every month and paying for Playstation Now on top of that, I can see it getting expensive. If I was in school and working full time, I definitely wouldn’t be getting a subscription for something I would rarely get to use.

      • I pretty much have zero free time and the free time I do have is usually taken up with extra sleep, reading, or blogging.

        I rarely buy games though. Because I am so cheap and I can’t justify buying any more games… (though I totally didn’t hesitate when buying Type-O!) I think if we do get it, my fiance will pay for it. I feel it would be more worthwhile to buy once I graduate. By then, they should work out all the kinks too.

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