Daily Archives: August 3, 2015

With Rabbits

Fiance – “It’s like Team Fortress II with blood, gore, and violence.” me – “With rabbits?” Fiance – “I said violence but we can go with rabbits. I like rabbits.” – a conversation my fiance and I just had about the game Loudout

Book Tour: Claiming Valeria by Rebecca Rivard

Welcome to the teaser tour for Claiming Valeria, A Fada Novel, Book 2 by Rebecca Rivard! The Fada Shapeshifter novels are sexy paranormal romances that feature the fada shapeshifters and their fae rivals. Right now the Claiming Valeria ebook is available for $1.99 (US) from Amazon for a limited time!

Silver Lining

The other day, I noticed my 3DS is missing. I have searched for it everywhere, but I am unable to find it. As someone who mainly mobile games, this is heartbreaking. Not to mention how expensive a 3DS is. I still have my old DSLite, but I had games saved onto my 3DS as well […]
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I’m a Netgalley Advocate! Are you?