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Review: Double Your Pleasure Mega Bundle Boxset

I will be honest, I didn’t enjoy a couple stories. I just couldn’t get into them. But 2 stories out 16 when the whole bundle is only 99 cents is amazing. The rest of the stories had me hot and bothered the entire weekend. Now I am stuck in a reading limbo because I want more!

Why we need Oracle more than Batgirl

They don’t need another hero swinging around the top of Gotham kicking the snot out of villains. Those characters are a dime a dozen. There was only one Oracle. We don’t need another Batgirl. We need the Oracle.

Review: Ivan by Roxie Rivera

Title: Ivan Series: Her Russian Protector Author: Roxie Rivera Genre: Contemporary Romance Publisher: Night Works Books Release Date: February  24th, 2013 Format: Ebook Source: Amazon  (Currently Free!!!) Pages: 111 Rating: 3 Stars

Why I Don’t Read YA

Young Adult is a genre that has recently exploded into something far beyond what it was when I was that age. With the popularity of series such as Harry Potter, Twilight, The Immortal Instruments, etc., it seems that the YA genre has been growing exponentially both in novels written and the authors who write it. […]
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Final Fantaxy XV: My First Look

I am a horrible, terrible person and I need to learn self preservation.