Sol’s Showroom: Pokemon Planter 7.27.2015

Since I was unable to post this past Sunday, I will post a bonus Sol’s Showroom tomorrow!

Today’s showcase is Pokemon Planters!

Rainbow  Bulbas!

Rainbow Bulbas!


Glow in the dark planter from LoudmouthGaming

After seeing the Bulbasaur planter on Tumblr, I went on a little search and found some plethora of them on Etsy. They come in a wide variety of colors from red all the way to purple and are sold by multiple stores. The prices ranges from $8 all the way to $45 depending on what size and seller you choose.  My favorite is the glow in the dark one over at LoudmouthGaming.  Many of the planters are made by 3D printing, which I personally find awesome.


Ivysaur from MultiForm3D

If you are more of a Chikorita fan, you can find a $10.50 3D printed planter for her over at MultiForm3D along side their Bulbasaur and Ivysaur planters.

Chikorita by MultiForm3D

Chikorita by MultiForm3D

Also sold by MultiForm3D as well as Madarakis are the cute Oddish Planters. They are $12-15 depending on who you buy them from but both shops make them with a 3D printer. Madarakis also sells the Bulbasaur planters in three different colors as well as the larger sized one.


Oddish by Madarakis

While I love the Bulbasaurs, think I like the Oddish one more. Personally, I hope these amazing shops keep making them and branch out to create other Pokemon planters. I understand why they chose the ones that they did, but I can imagine so many Pokemon I would want planters of. Now that we have these 3D printers, I can’t wait to see what other items they invent with them!

What is your favorite planter? What Pokemon would you like to see made into planters?

❧ Arec

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