Forecast 7.26.2015

I haven’t written a Forecast in a long time, not because I haven’t been doing anything but because I either go through things so quickly that it’s not worth mentioning, or I am still on the same thing I was.

Currently Reading:

21897507The Brush of Black Wings by Grace Draven

This is the fourth work I have read from Draven, and can honestly say she has become and instant favorite. This novella is a sequel to another one of her novels named Master of Crows. Master of Crow easily became one of my favorite novels period, so when I found out she was writing a sequel, I was thrilled. I actually signed up for alerts through Amazon to know exactly when it was released.

I only a couple chapters in, and already I know I am going to love every word!

Currently Playing

Pokémon Rumble World


I started playing this game because it was free and I received a notification for it on my 3DS. I haven’t really played any Pokémon games beyond the core series (R/B/Y- ORAS) but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy it. All you do is run around stages attacking other Pokémon and catching them. Some stages are pretty challenging actually! The only thing I don’t like about this game is the time limit for going into each stage. It almost feels like a phone game. It’s a great game, though, if you have a couple minutes to kill and can’t dedicate yourself to a more in depth game.

2 thoughts on “Forecast 7.26.2015

    • Her Radiance and Master of Crows novels were a couple of my recommendations after I finished some novel (can’t remember which now) on my kindle. I had never heard of her and knew nothing going into them but I loved the samples so much I immediately bought them, and I never buy ebooks! I was surprised at how much I loved them. Radiance and Master of Crows are absolutely perfect. I felt her Entreat Me didn’t have the magic the other two had. However, I recommend everything she writes.

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