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Cloud 9: Most Hated Features

Cloud 9 is a feature I do here at Rainy Thursdays twice a month. It is my version of those “Top 10” posts you see floating around the blogosphere. Instead of ten items, however there are, of course, nine.

We all have those things that as soon as we experience them in a game, the game is dead to us. Don’t try to deny it. No matter how long you waited for this game, no matter how many people  told you what a great game it is, no matter what GameInformer rates it, there are always those features that you just cannot muck through. Here is my list of 9 things that immediately make me hate a game, in no particular order.

Bad Camera Angles

There is nothing worse than starting a game and noticing that the camera is just absolutely horrendous. We are all particular about which camera controls we like and there are many different types out there ranging from first person shooter to fixed cam. Not everyone will agree on the best one, but we can all agree when one is just terrible.

Unskippable tutorials

I have a love-hate relationship with tutorials. On one hand, they can be helpful with understanding logistics and features of the games and sometimes you are even rewarded for completing the tutorial. On the other hand, they can be unnecessary, especially if you have already played through the game. Bottom line: make tutorials  skippable.

Bad Intros/trailers

Let’s be honest, intros and trailers can make or break a game. Trailers are one of the first looks a player has for a game; it is what grabs our attention and makes us interested. In fact, there is nothing that gets a gamer more excited than a mind-blowing trailer. The same goes for intros.

And yet, there are some trailers/intros that leave a bad taste in your mouth. You can be stoked to a play a game and in a matter of one short intro video, lose whatever interest you had said game.

Terrible graphics

I grew up in the 90s when leaps and bounds were being to the graphics of video games. I remember going from playing the original Legend of Zelda to seeing Ocarina of Time for the N64. Talk about an eyegasm! That was before Skyward Sword too.

Because I grew up still playing the games of old, my games don’t have to look like the cutscenes of Diablo III for me to enjoy the game. Still, there are just some games were the graphics are so bad, you can’t stand to look them. I have played games were I can’t even tell what is going on because the graphics are so wonky. When the graphics start to interfere with gameplay, it just isn’t worth the struggle.

Terrible voiceovers

This is a huge one in my book. I play a lot of J-RPGs, which are usually dubbed for English. Sometime, the developers get it spot on and the voices are perfect, or at least bearable. Then there are voiceovers that are so bad you can’t take the game seriously. I am not even talking about bad translations, that’s next on the list. I am talking about voiceovers so bad, you either can’t stop giggling or cringing every time the character(s) open their mouth(s).

Bad translations

Again, I have run across more than my fair share of these because I play J-RPGs. I understand that English is a super sucky language and translating from Asian languages can be difficult. But give me a badly translated game, and I will set down my control quicker than anything.  “All your base are belong to us” has become a humorous staple in the gamer community, but errors like this are still occurring.


I didn’t know of the term OP (overpower) until my fiance said it. I am glad he did because I finally have a word for one of the most annoying attributes in any game, whether it’s you or your opponent. When you are OP, it takes the challenge and fun out of a game. If nothing can stand in your way, what’s the point? Inversely, if your enemy is OP, the game is too challenging and the frustration doesn’t seem worth it.

Escort Missions

I haven’t met a single person who likes escort missions. I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory so I won’t waste your time.


I understand it is hard to be original in this day and age. However, recently games feel like they are copied and pasted from previous ones. Sometimes, it’s not a bad thing. COD, Pokémon, and Ratchet & Clank are obviously doing well; and each new game in the series is pretty much like the one before it with maybe a few upgrades. However, there story tropes that have been used so many times that they aren’t even fun anymore.

HM – Glitches

Glitches can be good or bad depending on what it is, what it does, and if you can use it in your favor. My Link’s Awakening glitched so that characters I needed to further quests didn’t exist and I had to restart the entire game.

Sometimes, the glitch doesn’t even affect you or your gameplay. Some of these “easter eggs” can be hilarious while others are terrifying.

What are some things that ruin a game for you?

❧ Arec

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