Monthly Archives: June 2015

Sol’s Showroom: LoZ Cosplay_Postman

This is by far one of the best cosplays I have ever seen. It makes me so happy.  ❧ Arec

E3 Ratchet & Clank


E3 The Last Guardian

This is what I am most excited for. Don’t tease us now!

E3 FFVII Remake

We final did it guys! We finally got our remake.

Cloud 9: Most Hated Features

Cloud 9 is a feature I do here at Rainy Thursdays twice a month. It is my version of those “Top 10” posts you see floating around the blogosphere. Instead of ten items, however there are, of course, nine. We all have those things that as soon as we experience them in a game, the game […]
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