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Storm in a Teacup: Zelda v. Sheik

Zelda-Sheik-sliversheik-24130067-800-1502Apparently Bill Trinen came out the other day and officially confirmed that Zelda and Sheik are one in the same person.

I knew that this was an argument among the fandom, but why is it even an argument? For starters, Sheik’s first ever appearance is Ocarina of Time. At the end, we watch Sheik transform back into Zelda. Then in Smash Bros., Zelda is able to transform into Sheik for a whole new battle technique and skill set.

We literally watched Zelda become Sheik and vice versa. If you are still in denial, than there is something very wrong.

I enjoy fanart of genderbent LoZ, and am not saying there is something wrong with that. However, flat out denying that they are the same person is just ignorance.

Adult_Princess_Zelda_(Ocarina_of_Time) I have read some arguments saying that they can’t be the same person because they just look to different. This is such a weak argument. We live in a day and age when people are torn apart for stuffing their bras and binding their breasts down, yet you are telling me they can’t be the same person because they look too different?  Especially considering we never see what Zelda’s body looks like under her dresses and Sheik clearly has bindings around her chest.images

As for her eye color, people are willing to believe Zelda uses magic to change from female to male, so why is it so farfetched that Zelda could use the same magic to change her eye color?

I don’t understand why this is such a hot button topic for me, but out of all the gaming arguments (of this caliber), this one annoys me the most.

❧ Arec

3 thoughts on “Storm in a Teacup: Zelda v. Sheik

  1. Great article and im 100% backing you up on this one !! people like to believe that they know more than the story itself !! wonder what they would say to Miyamoto face to face !!

    1. Thank you! I felt like it came off as too much as of rant but sometimes fandoms just irritate me. I really would like to know what Miyamoto would say to them. I just don’t understand why people feel the need to change the story. I love that Sheik is Zelda.

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