Sol’s Showroom: LoZ Heart Earrings

Sol’s Showroom is a weekly feature posted every Saturday where I display fabulous products, merchandise, and fanworks that I feel every nerd should know about.

This week I am focusing on some Legend of Zelda heart earrings. The heart pieces are a pinnacle point in Zelda and synonymous with the franchise. I am not a huge fan of earrings but I have been wanting these dangle heart earrings for as long as I can remember.  A couple different shops sell them on Etsy.  Oh my geekness (pictured right) sells theirs for $16. If you don’t want to spend that much, you can buy them for $7.50 over at Fun Jewelry Shop, although they don’t look nearly as crisp or vibrant.

There are also these heart earring (pictured left) which I found while looking for the ones pictured above. Multiple shops on Etsy sell them at anywhere from $4.99 to $8 depending on whether you want the background to be black or white. I don’t why I think they are so gorgeous, but I do. Not to mention look at the detail. I didn’t expect so much shading in such a simple design

The last pair I want to showcase are those shown left. Magic Sunrise is the only show that currently sells them, for $9.50, which makes them more unique. I love the vibrant colors and intricate design. All around, they are just beautiful and you can choose whether you want them bronze plated or silver plated. So if you are like me and have sensitive ears, then you can safely order these without negative consequences on your ears and your wallet!

Which are your favorite? Are there any others you like?

❧ Arec

I would like to address that I receive no money for posting these items. These are just products I have found that I particularly like. Unless stated otherwise, I have no affiliation with the products and their shop beyond being a fan.

2 thoughts on “Sol’s Showroom: LoZ Heart Earrings

    • I love heart containers as accessories! They are just gorgeous. I really want them but I don’t have the money because Christmas so for now they will be on favorites list.
      I think we could all do with extra hits of life. XD

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