Monthly Archives: August 2012

Storm in a Teacup: My Real Beef With Historical Romance Novels

I have a love/hate relationship with romance novels. As humans, we strive for acceptance, companionship, but mostly love. Anyone who says otherwise is probably a sociopath. Romance novels have always had a huge impact on the way couples perceive relationships, from sex to interpersonal communication. Seriously, think of how many times people reference romance novels […]
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Sol’s Showroom: Toph Cosplay

Wow. Just wow. I absolutely love this cosplay. First of the really good Korra cosplays I have seen. Yes, I know it is Toph but you only see this version of her in Korra. She did even did the blind eyes. This is what makes a good cosplay. Having such small details done to perfection […]
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Sol’s Showroom: Captain America Cosplay

Look at this precious creature. He looks exactly like a very young, Steve Rogers who has not yet faced the uglies of the world. I love it!